DIY Coffee Coconut Scrub

Is it just me, or has this third week of January been exhausting? I’ve been needing a pick me up, and my skin is showing it. Feeling tired + cold weather has drained any radiance my skin had. I have found that scrubs not only treat me to a mini-spa day,  but exfoliate my skin immensely in grueling times like this. With all the dead skin cells off of me, my body feels much softer and looks glowing.

Coconut oil, a natural exfoliant, is my go-to oil ingredient. I use pure, unrefined coconut oil from Roots and All that’s 60% MCTs. MCTs, or medium-chain-triglycerides, are fatty acids that have deep-conditioning properties that really penetrate the layers of the skin, due to the smaller size of the chain.  Plus, it leaves me smelling like cookies.


I’ve also found that it does a much better job of moisturizing my skin than commercial lotions. Commercial lotions usually have water as the first ingredient, and are stuffed with synthetic chemicals meant to influence texture and smell. The problem is, some of these components can be carcinogenic. And why spend money on a product that’s essentially water, and may or may not do its designated job; especially when you can get an effective all-natural moisturizing product made from one ingredient?

If the idea of slathering cancerous water all over yourself isn’t a deterrent, keep in mind that most cosmetic products are tested on animals. One of my favorite parts about making beauty supplies from home is that I know it hasn’t hurt any of my furry friends (given that the raw ingredients aren’t tested on animals, and our coconut oil does not).

Something unique about this specific DIY scrub is that it uses coffee. I generally use essential oils, but I do love the smell of coffee beans, so this addition is fine by me. Also, coconut+coffee= scent heaven. Coffee beans are water soluble, so some of it will get absorbed into your skin as you wash it off, which has its own health benefits. For instance, Its high levels of antioxidants will nourish your skin and may help to reduce impurities, and coffee beans applied topically may increased blood flow.


Our team recommends shopping local for your coffee beans (We got our coffee from Black Drop Coffee, and the beans from Maniac Coffee Roasting; both located in Bellingham, Washington.)

To create, we mixed together one cup of coffee, one 1/2 cup of Roots and All coconut oil, and 1 cup of coconut sugar together. (You can place in the microwave for about 15-20 seconds if you are having trouble with blending the mix) Once the body scrub is evenly mixed through and through, you may bring it in the shower with you to wash away any dry skin you have without making any messes! Here’s a picture of how it’ll look before its fully blended:


And here’s how it should look once fully stirred:


We loved the scent of this scrub, as well as the fresh feeling after. Use this little indulgence as a pick-me-up to get you through the week! Show us how yours turned out with the tag #tryrootsandall.

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